Dead Girl's Diary

DEAD GIRL'S DIARY is a sexy, funny, character-driven story that focuses on the lives and loves of three twenty-something women in contemporary Los Angeles. The script marries racy and honest dialogue with frank sexual situations even as it presents an irreverent look at what it is like to be a young adult searching for meaningful friendships, career and love. SARA (Katharine Isabelle), a 22 year-old who is dating the mysterious ETHAN (24), discovers he keeps the diary of his dead ex-girlfriend hidden in his backpack. Sara, who secretly has become obsessed with the diary, shares it with her two best friends, struggling actresses CHLOE (Katherine Moennig) and MADDY (Vinessa Shaw). Chloe (26), introspective and terminally single, becomes empowered by the diary while embarking on a relationship with her male roommate KELLY (27), a lothario known as "Mr. God You're Good." Maddy (28), aggressively sexual and seductive, finds herself dangerously close to having a true relationship with the seemingly perfect TRAVIS (29). The diary's passages set into motion a series of events that will test everyone's relationships, affect their romantic lives and finally help them discover the mystery behind the Dead Girl's untimely death. Ultimately, the characters discover the importance of friendship and the need to find one's own unique voice.

Screenplay written by Amy Heidish.

Jamie Neese is attached to direct.

Click here to view the diary on which Dead Girl's Diary is based.










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