43rd Street Man
Photo: R. Gardiner

HEARTBREAKER is a sexy, character-driven thriller anchored by a unique love story. A smart and commercial thriller that pays homage to films like SEA OF LOVE and the gritty 1970šs American thrillers, HEARTBREAKER tells the story of Carla, a seasoned detective on the hunt for an allusive serial killer. The killer, dubbed, The Heartbreak Kid, seems to have a personal connection with Carla--writing her personal letters, taunting her to catch him--and then, one day, just stops killing. With a cold trail and unable to catch her man, Carla focuses on the future and tries to put the past behind her. However, when the mysterious and sexy Harry enters her life, the killings begin again. A seductive cat and mouse game ensues, with Carla fearing that the killer may be closer than she imagines.

Screenplay written by Andrew Stein.




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